stunned for a moment

This is what the allusions? Liang really foggy, stunned for a moment, to see the leaves cloud has come forward, the moment cried, 16 Phillip bolg to go so soon what? Ah, sixteen, Phillip bolg to go so fast to do? But some of them sneered behind the open road. Hear the voice liang suddenly surprised, and hurried to catch up with leaves cloud, hiding behind him, Yun Ye looked back, surprised to find Shen Quan with the three companions and six Jianpu the chase up. Seen Shen son! Yeh Yun-liang a Ce Toukan know she does not want to meet with Chen Quan, knowing each other’s ill intent, the moment Bao Quan said, I do not know Shen son tell how?

Shen Quan sneered, last Zhang House thanks to Shen, but remember ah, to not forget Could you, Mr. Zhang Shiliu? Yun Ye fool asked, does the Shen son unpopular with the next pointing unmarried pen down force inappropriate things? Less to Phillip bolg bumbling! Shen Quan sneered lost such a large face, you harm Phillip bolg in front of his cousin, hey, I did not expect your kid turned out to Phillip bolg right at your fingertips, very good, are playing to Phillip bolg! Several Jianpu swear loudly and opt rushed to embrace, Yun Ye hearts panic, but also not afraid of the moment expand Luohan, a move along with steps hammer and hit it a dash fastest retainers on the lower abdomen, straight pain was the man bent down.

Liang See Yun Ye beaten covered in blood, no longer regardless of the identity exposure, immediately stood out, screamed, cousin, but also kept the hand? Shen Quan surprised no trivial matter, turned around and looked, the fleet liang took off the blue cloth cap, revealing a head of black hair, see clearly in the moonlight, Shen Quan jaw in awe, Qiqiaiyi said, this …… what is going on? Cousin, how is Phillip bolg? How not Phillip bolg? The Zhang liang Qiaolian the frosty, sneered, Shen Quan the Chenda Gong sub, good power and prestige, the good name of the first!

pondered a long while

Today the mood is excellent, Orchids girl next to leave tomorrow in the firm when to offer an answer. That Shen Quan touches more free and easy Phillip bolg First, frowning, pondered a long while, a man next to Fuer Phillip bolg next to say a few words, we see Phillip bolg brow expansion, nodded, waved his sleeves say hello, take first left. The crowd did not understand its meaning, long while only whispered: the Shenjia but the courtiers, the local magistrate’s assistant and Shen’s Menke, since centuries before the names certainly County records, Shen son just go back for a check, Orchids girls run out of it?

They hit me, knew Enchanting Orchids, I’m afraid the girl is not lucky, they simply will let go of the mind, to see that the Orchids girl has returned to the room, the moment it Tuibeihuanzhan, Yaowuheliu up The field resumed the kind of string and wind sound harmonious scene. Go on the road, liang Rouchang the pleated both thought Shen Quan Ungrateful fickle, four love affairs, but also think of no reason Hearts worried about, but found Shen Quan turned out to be such a person, grew more and more sad, can not help but Zhu Lei Yingkuang the.

This liang is indeed a cry, hesitated a long while, the whispered: Phillip bolg but really I do not know, Zhang 16, you write in the end what is the word? Yun Ye look around and see liang an expression of desire, the moment laughed: Phillip bolg tell you it anyway, but you can not remember that out. That is, of course, liang nodded, Say! Yun Ye pretending to be mysterious smiles: Phillip bolg was once said in an ancient books, day official blessing, let yourself go, hey, now you see?

Yun Ye stunned smiles

Yun Ye stunned smiles: So you remember that you are a daughter body? Phillip bolg When you insist on trying to flaunt jealousy with those Tate’s husband, it is in the odd. Outburst, liang suddenly Qiaolian the Hongxia, spit a mouthful, then shouted: you thief, goes as far as Phillip bolg and degrading women, see Phillip bolg go back to your meal good fight! Smiled and stir, nature is fun, a stick of incense, there Jianzhou re-zoned to close the crowd respondents, boats, owned four girls had to be collected respondents admitted to the boats, they are helplessly looked at the boats only hope that the respondents into discernment, beating a pro-Ze.

The hastened reminder boat close to the boats. Read the name of a total of more than 50 people as visible Songyang the Yangtze River Delta, is indeed wit very public, at first liang smiling, the appearance of a well-thought, but gradually his face smile, a little nervous seize the strut in the cabin, the boats looked surprised, mouth muttered: how likely? Phillip bolg actually no correct answer? The list will soon be finished, Luo overbearing shouted: please lord son come quickly got into the boat, the Orchids girl had long been waiting!

Could someone swapped the answer? Body back into the room, orchids sigh of relief, came out again, softly: two questions are broken today, as well as the last question, the event which can break the third question answer, a small woman certainly saw that the maid to keep their promises. They are aroused, looked Shenzhuobozi, was surprised to find orchids delicately lips, opening: most of you is a native of Songyang, I question you may have known, Songyang hundred years ago, may have to ‘ more than ‘the first word names it?

Yun Ye took the hand

Yuehua Jian,Phillip bolg, there will be a few dozen small Jianzhou, from the boats at the exit, as the shuttle general, general surface of the river fish walk through, and all the boatmen are clearly had commanded in advance, immediately stood still at the boat rudder, hold boat, to be Jianzhou program, people would jump on the bow respectfully handed him two tissue paper, ink, paper and ink are available in the cabin, Yun Ye took the hand, man singing loudly Well, they care jump back on board, to send the next one to go. Compartment hanging lanterns, YE Yun hand silk paper to start liang Look subject came over, the two together a first meet, the tips of the hair next to the tips of the hair, unaware of two like what is wrong with .

Asked Void little what things? Fuxi two-phase Ho Man? Maritime three gods, He Shan? Mountain back Hao how old? Chinese Wuling where? Six soup prayer what? Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove Ho Yin? King Mu Bajun Oklahoma? Xiangshan Guro who? Xiao ten Hong Ho word? After reading the title, Yun Ye hearts can not help but secretly embarrassed, most of these allusions are known, such as “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest, King Mu Bajun, it was all great allusions, but the event to be 11 points clear, it is also remember not real, is being pondered, Hu Ting liang Puchi chuckle, shook his head and laughed: Phillip bolg When what is the problem, the original These really think Phillip bolg SongYang To no one what?

Yun Ye can not help but dark and odd, they willingly was Surusumi on liang, goes liang is no humility, reach out and put pen to paper on silk paper is written in lower case single-handedly Gonggongzhengzheng of, just like a beautiful Wearing, the spirit is beautiful, leaves cloud The heart secretly praised, mouth said: good Zhang Ruoqiong really could not stumped you. Liang Bai Yun Ye a, do not answer, penmanship, one go, this smiles: a little small, the rare live Phillip bolg liang What? Yun Ye knew liang but later in the famous Song Dynasty four talented woman, natural is unique, the moment Hey smile, not to argue, by the light of carefully to see if Joan respondents, really is wise, erudite, see the end of , but clearly see the inscription precisely 16 words himself, surprised, frowning: your little girl, obviously you know the result, but why Note Phillip bolg’s name?

leaves cloud chuckled

Hey, Yihong can be considered exhausted mind, leaves cloud chuckled, first tempt the appetite, winning enough to set the threshold and then use the exam, even if it was mind refuses to accept, under the watchful eyes, but also lost can not afford that, categorically not cause trouble, and those lucky enough to enter boats, nature is all pretentious, indispensable to fierce competition, hey, it seems Yihong master sits. What words to Phillip bolg mouth, how to feel sounds so ring true gas? Master sits?

Liang also great interest they watched the boats every move, the mouth did not forget to bickering and leaves cloud. Leaves cloud was too lazy to go to Dali changeable character Xiao Nizi, just think of that exam I do not know what, if not poetry writing and the like, can not be copied from ancient poetry, it can be completely occasion, this point level, I’m afraid it may not be Road, frowned and got the idea to reach for a glass of wine, to Yang Bo drank a big mouth, leisurely smiles: Phillip bolg said Missy Phillip bolg is not known as a talented woman?

Yun Ye so slowly that really caused the Zhang liang ambition, disdain, which is anything? Amount she was a kept woman, that is, there is another big talent can they do? Beat Phillip bolg liang accomplished? Good good, in that case, the preliminary round is shot and let the leaves cloud laughed, if the loss of face, do not blame Phillip bolg joke you. Come and scared? Liang mouth a stick, and she is no longer with leaves cloud bickering and concentrate on the movement to see that boats.

rescued by fishermen

Everyone hula around us, gossip, Yun Ye is not much to say, just say migrating to a marshland, rescued by fishermen, all this relieved before the call after Chung Yun Ye sent to the King House. Cream E-purple-e hear the movement, has long been welcome, purple E cheerful smiles: good sheets 16, these two days, but we harm done to the Miss Buyiburao, insist we go to the river to scout live to see people die to see the corpse, Oh, great, Phillip bolg finally come back safely. Yun Ye can not help but light ah cry, laughed: Phillip bolg This is not back yet?

Purple E didst rejoice the princess laughed Phillip bolg with you up. PS: these days Hubei thunderstorms, like crossing the robbery, his crossing the robbery does not matter, do Phillip bolg here every day blackout renovation, poor update, now finally finished toss back owed sections these two days together fill gratitude to support recommended votes! Only people cry and the size of the vessel originally scattered in the river have turned centralized under the MIT boats that punter is clearly too commanded, do not Yun Ye opening self-care to those on the boats and drove liang Look TV drama standing on the boats bow of the Han, light laugh: This Yihong there might be a sort of ability, The single big voice guy, but I do not know where to seek to?

This the boatman conversation witty, attracted liang and leaves cloud laughed, liang was about to speak, leaves the cloud pat liang Yubi, smiles: fast Look, it was out. Liang turned around and looked, and sure enough to see that boats four dressed girls, lantern sections out that Luo overbearing stations behind, which a teenage girl Lianbuqingyi, went to the Law overbearing side, low sound saying something, saw that Luo overbearing nodded, high channel: the full moon poetry today, the first question on the exam, can answer on this question, can enter the boats, to show chest scholarship.

That old man laughed

Yun Ye curious mind, could not help but open asked: predecessors, could there be to the enemy? That old man laughed: Where is the enemy? The two turn with room to Limen before the fruit of the black line two, thread depth Takeuchi line body flapping in the wind. Yun Ye see heart aghast, this door is bamboo made, bamboo close out more bamboo skin, the unusual wooden doors comparable, which shows this plant lines into the bamboo, with superior skill wise within the family. That children have to bounce back,, smiles: uncle, Phillip bolg that good, two black wires about a foot apart Cunxu.

The Yun Ye hear incomprehension, was surprised to find that the old man turned around, laughed: worth mentioning, Ye brother, you went to strike Phillip bolg you can do to take this clean small populations within some kind, where there is no things, this year I’m afraid Phillip bolg is not coming back. Yun Ye knew predecessors there must be some important reasons to see this old man is very free and easy, and not take a clean small populations within some kind, carrying the hands of children, and sped away, really elegant Hung-trace of World dust does not stick , could not help the hearts of praise, thought for a moment, I do not know that the old man to avoid character, since it is not the enemy, that maybe … Valentine?

Back to Songyang, but it is already two days, leaves cloud from the door into the two retainers Haide even turned and ran, yelling said: dear friends, 16th manifestation! Yun Ye, head fog, surprised into the inner court, and was surprised to find flapping in the wind ran dozen retainers maid to the retainers again and again hand over: Zhang XVI, Phillip bolg know you die wronged, the event that you have any worried about things, despite the orders, we will do it. YE Yun is very funny to see that retainers is the day, accompanied by liang and go to one of the nursing homes, the moment laughed: Brother Lee Phillip bolg is not resurrection, you see clearly, ghost may have a shadow?

Phillip bolg this little doll

That old man laughed and shook his head: Phillip bolg this little doll, not to mention cast thunderbolt lilies, to break down Phillip bolg of Renduermo. Even Phillip bolg old man cultivated for three decades made of gold-banded pulp washing liquid is also Phillip bolg body immersion, so clean, because the drug Acupuncture matter how magical, never a substitute shall be that step-by-step, Zhou reconcile Phillip bolg progress is very slow, lack of repair, it is Phillip bolg is not enough heart, internal force repair whom Road Shall be done overnight? Yun Ye body is abnormal feeling in the lower abdomen that group heat slowly drop down to the pubic region along the Governor Vessel-Tail perineal Vital to rise until the jade pillow, Parkway, a few head along Ren over the pubic region, pubic region, eventually things tends back to the pubic region, I just feel as lively as ever, the limbs are fresh and extremely accessible.

That old man ask laughed: need not be so decrepit just on behalf of homogeneous labor, absolute the Shaolin pulse from the Northern Song Dynasty, the mind of clean sub Phillip bolg and he is exactly the same, if the Shaolin skills to see the light of day, but also a martial arts great boon Phillip bolg Since anyway, practice will be more effective in the future. Yun Ye grateful hearts inexplicable, usually his mouth blossoming lotus, but stammered to utter a word, just nodded repeatedly, between the old man gestures to the lily degree robbery, is clearly the Kyorin number one master, want to say a few words of gratitude, But she choked.

Yun Ye obeisance to stand up, the old man will lead him to a small table to sit down and teach formulas, careful to explain, that the children hear the heart, nausea, and turned out of the room, and have a long while, suddenly ran into the room, exclaimed: uncle, { K} Come, whom we do not know that the door hung a black line. That old man is slightly hesitated, shook his head: not only one, there are at least two Phillip bolg Limen go near a closer look, about how much distance between the two black lines? And that line is all black? Or will the tail golden red color?

The moment Hey smile

Yun Ye,Phillip bolg, changing your mind, it is known that the meaning of everyone, thinking that since these people are busy to die, why stopping? The moment Hey smile, told: take the tissue paper pen and ink! The Church immediately with already ready when submitted silk paper pen and ink, Yun Ye tissue paper shop in the cabinet, one go, folded tissue paper, had commanded the man with power: pick up to Orchids girl look. Everyone suddenly quieted down, watched looked at with when trotted has went to the second floor before the curtain, respectfully handed Orchids took silk paper, Ningmu the looked surprised to find that crooked handwriting seemed more never written calligraphy handwriting, but the four small print of the silk paper, made Orchids heads SG flashing, the mouth can not help flashing a smile.

Remark, the field suddenly in an uproar, it was to actively look Yun Ye, surprised to find that the door has been empty, in addition to Shen Quan and several of his men, half of the figure. Original taking advantage of the crowd just look at the curtain, leaves cloud has a pull-liang, they leave in disarray, and everyone will focus on Orchids room, even Shen Quan several of his men were all looking at with sprinted with when, where someone will notice that the two men? Orchids thoughtfully toward the downstairs looked at, see Yun Ye, like a lost dog to escape, heads twilight surprise color, Ce Toukan maid around a maid nodded quietly back a few step, the twinkling of an eye back into the inner room.

Mist-shrouded peaks, an ancient manor in the waist and a half foot, three children standing Abode eyeful anxiously color stop in front of the house and turn from time to time turned around and took a fancy to the room, a. Creak loudly, but it is that old fisherman opened the small door, and looked tired to go out. Uncle, how? That children hastily asked. Good luck, that the old man laughed, and finally there is no negative care of the enemy. The old man repeatedly waving and smiles: Phillip bolg but do not know Phillip bolg martial arts too late, within interest sluggish, body aches and Lotus, the birth is clear, there is no earthly aggregate of pollution, it is exhaustively smooth, just grew over the years, the body meridians gradually occlusion, commonly known as Zhou barrier, also known as blood barrier, lily crossing points if they do not, I’m afraid no longer Dacheng.

but this is important

Well, son, Phillip bolg really is not a small charm, people courtesan Phillip bolg new light, there is such a good thing, is it still hesitant what? Liang tone I do not know his mouth, sour or mouth wroth, in short, leaves cloud does not sound like a good word the side of WHORES also Couqu: son, the event Phillip bolg know the answer, he would say quickly and come out, we are here for a long time, these questions is to no avail. Yun Ye, but in the hearts hesitation, he did not know the meaning of the words, but this is important, where can easily find out the answer?

Stay here very, very, we have to hurry up and go! Yun Ye pondered for a long while, whispered, Phillip bolg listen Phillip bolg This time, I’m afraid this Orchids girl is not simple. Liang I do not know Yun Ye must’ve seen him look dignified, also think about today is filled with strange moment nodded, pulled out a silver on the table, the two hurried down the stairs, and was about to leave, but unexpectedly Shen Quan was slow to stand up, brawny men flapping in the wind suddenly stopped two liang quickly hiding in the leaves behind the cloud, so Shen Quan saw the face.

Shen Quan just so say, the field suddenly into a chaos, a lot of people are beginning to stir, was high channel: Shen son said, if that guy did not say an answer, then hold Phillip bolg to go. Conditions of Use This The names of the orchids in Songyang already known far and wide, to know Phillip bolg entertainer usually not sold themselves, but if someone can answer on Phillip bolg three questions, they can be a pro-Ze, enough to put these three questions the more than a year, but no one can answer, but why today it was broken the first question, and Orchids girl name names, claiming that someone can answer the second question, Crack two questions, the first two questions in the next per capita known answer, just that the last question left is getting closer, seeing from the beauty, these gluttonous gluttonous only where client was incensed to Guo Zhedeng a to a good opportunity?